The root of it all

Every year I drive up to Connecticut to see my Aunt, uncle, and cousins who live on a secluded piece of land with a beautiful new home.  The gorgeous home and land is not what keeps me coming back though, in fact, it’s the love & care they give. My Aunt is the best advice-giver […]

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Why do you shave ?

Body hair is a very touchy and taboo topic in the U.S for all genders.  Either you have too much hair or not enough hair. For ladies,  we are expected to shave our legs, underarms, and pubic hair to fit the societal standard of what women should look like. My way of saying “fuck you” […]

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My first Airbnb experience

I spent Monday night at my first Airbnb and it was a pretty good experience.  I booked the room about a week or two before the trip and for one night it was $61. The house was 15 minutes from downtown Asheville with the Blue Ridge Mountains visible from the front porch.   I messaged the […]

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The solo trip

The night before I go on any trip I can never sleep; I’m like a kid on Christmas.  So when my alarm for 6:10 goes off I’m already dressed and packed for my adventure.   After all of my responsibilities are taken care of I kiss Clark goodbye and take off in my old truck. […]

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Ways to be green

There are so many ways for a human to impact the planet in a positive, or a less harmful way.  Below there are a handful of things that I practice in and out of my home to reduce my footprint on this beautiful planet. Reusable shopping bags/no bags at all When grocery or clothes shopping try […]

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Heading to Asheville

So I am heading to Asheville on Monday and I am so excited! I feel like I am finally finding myself and exploring things that I like to do. For the past couple of years I feel like I have been a product of the people surrounding me and their opinions. I lost touch with […]

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